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Pärnu Haigla has always been very happy with the services offered by Titania Tõlked OÜ. We highly value the speed with which you operate, your professional and friendly attitude, and accuracy. Thank you for interacting and operating so humanely!

Titania translation agency has been a good and reliable partner for years.
Translations are always correct and completed on time. Well done!

Titania Tõlked OÜ is one of our most reliable cooperation partners when it comes to translating foreign texts. They respond to price quotes quickly, precisely and adequately, always translate and edit technical texts by the established deadline. We are very happy with the service offered by Titania translation agency.

Excellent cooperation partner whose services meet the expectations that we had for the translation agency – professional, fast, high quality, reliable.


Cooperation is very smooth! Always a pleasant and quick service that results in properly translated and well-designed technical manuals, contracts, specific sentences, etc.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been satisfied with the commissioned translation services. In case of urgent translations, you have complied with our requirements in terms of time, and despite the time pressure, texts has been formalised correctly.


Titania Tõlked OÜ has been the first choice for AS Toode for several years. Their quick response time, friendly price policy and, most of all, ability to convey a complicated meaning of technical texts has always helped us. Both in making short Christmas cards and extremely complicated installation manuals understandable. Because we are a production company operating in four countries, these facts are extremely important to us. So far, Titania Tõlked has always exceeded itself!

We have found a good and reliable cooperation partner in you. Thank you for the completed high quality translations, and we are sure that we will be using your services in the future as well.


We have found a reliable partner in Titania translation agency. We value their excellent and quick service and high quality work.

In order to better present our product selection, we have prepared several product catalogues, brochures and other materials that we have been translating and preparing for printing with the services of Titania translation agency for a few years already. Work/services have always had high quality and they have been performed on time. We have also used the interpretation service (simultaneous interpretation) of the translation agency at product training sessions. Very professional work.

Ühinenud Depood AS had an increased need for translation services, which is why we started to look for a translation agency that would offer us the best price and quality ratio.
Services offered by Titania Tõlked OÜ have made our job easier by offering us affordable and effective solutions that greatly save resources for our company.

Always solutions – yes. Always on time – yes. Always as agreed – yes. Titania – yes. I will also recommend it to my best cooperation partners!


Our cooperation with Titania Tõlked OÜ commenced in the second half of 2012 in connection with the company’s entry into the export market. For this, we completed an updated website together with product descriptions and information leaflets in 14 different language modules. Completed work and technical translations are always correct and carried out in a very short period of time. Special thanks to your entire team for the understanding and warm approach.


Sweco is an international technical consultation company that offer qualified and highly competent consultation services. We often participate in international projects that have had a direct need for translation services. Using the service offered by Titania translation agency, the work has been of high quality and quick. We recommend and introduce your company to everyone as an excellent translation agency.


If you have already carried out large projects, you will know how important it is to be able to rely on someone. You can rely on Titania. Not always the cheapest, but always the best – that’s probably a good way to describe them.

GE Power Estonia AS

We have been using the services of Titania Tõlked OÜ for a long time already and so far have always been very happy. Titania Tõlked OÜ employs professionals who know to offer the best solutions to the client. If necessary, translations are completed even with a very short deadline. All commissioned translations have had high quality and have been completed on time, so we can promise that our cooperation will continue in the future as well.


Translating texts is part of the everyday activities for a communications bureau. We often need translations as soon as possible, and Titania is a big help to us here. We are very happy with their work – it is fast, on time and the quality is good. They are a reliable and solid cooperation partner who keeps their word and whom we can always rely on in our work.


Good and a reliable cooperation partner. Commissioned work is always completed on time. In cooperation with translators, we only sometimes make corrections in lock terms that are very rare in the everyday life.

Efficient, operative and linguistically correct, good cooperation partner to our multicultural organisation, because the number of translation languages on offer has been sufficient.


You can always rely on Titania translation agency both in terms of the quality and also in the fact that they will help you out if you’re short on time.
It is clear that these people are dedicated and happy to do their job!


Quick and proper work! Inquiries are responded to within an adequate time and deadlines are kept to. We are happy!

KRM Advisor OÜ
Establishing companies
Accounting services
Virtual office

Titania translation agency has met our most utopian requests and helped us to organise very voluminous and urgent translations, which is why Titania is a very important and valued cooperation partner for us. We have always been confident in recommending Titania to our clients.


We have found a reliable partner in translating technical texts and contracts, work is completed on time, even complicated technical expressions have been translated accurately, and subsequent time expenditure on editing the translation is minimal.


Cooperation with you has always been prompt, pleasant and efficient. Because the majority of our texts are specific to the business sector and many terms are new and infrequently used, we are very satisfied with fluent and logically edited texts.


Quick and smooth customer service, professional translators with whom we have prepared and continue to supplement a specialty vocabulary in a long-term cooperation in order to ensure the good quality of translations. Partners who you trust both in terms of the deadlines and the quality of work!

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