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We mostly do design and layout design work for the material we have translated ourselves. We can help you with the following services:

Layout design. If you need to get the translated material back the same way as the original, then this is exactly what we’re offering. In layout design, our everyday tools include Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop (and ImageReady), Adobe Acrobat Professional (and Distiller), Corel Draw, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Word. Layout design is often used to finalise instruction manuals, in the course of which we will formalise the text and images according to the original material. We will usually send the completed material back to you in a PDF-format. But if the client needs it, no program to date has been too complicated.

Design. If necessary, we will also make changes to the source material by removing or adding images, logos, contact information, etc. In exceptional cases, we have also designed completely new marketing material. In this case, we ask the client to always source all the material (images, logos, source texts, etc.) and provide us with the requirements of the printing house for the print file. But we are in no way competing with design companies in creating a new design.

Preparation for printing. We can also offer preparation for printing according to the requirements of a printing house to the layout and design work of the print material prepared by us. In order to prepare a print file, we always ask you to provide us with the requirements of the printing house or a reference to the printing house so we could find the required information ourselves whenever you place an order.

If you require design or layout design work, please send us as much information as possible. We will give you a good price quote within an hour!

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