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Translation of marketing texts

Translation of marketing texts – what is it?

Promotional brochures, training materials, websites, product overviews, etc. – we translate all these and other marketing texts daily. And we’re happy to do so! We can accomplish even difficult tasks.

For example, situations where the website is translated directly in the client’s web administration are becoming increasingly common. Or we are requested to complete a translation and do layout design and prepare it for printing.

Every day, we complete translations of marketing materials between Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian. German and Swedish languages the most.

Translation of marketing texts – what should you pay attention to?

We have translated marketing texts from road construction to scientific materials and from the forest to the sea

Translating marketing texts, particularly texts aimed at sales and used as promotional texts, requires the translator to have a creative approach and, preferably, more time.

After all, the translator has to be able to convey the right feeling with the information. Over time, translators have fallen into two groups: those who enjoy it and those who avoid translating marketing texts, because these orders are very demanding.

We always recommend that our foreign partners review marketing texts going abroad, particularly translated advertisements and texts that require excellent phrasing (for example texts that convey advertising slogans).

The result is generally better if the texts are reviewed by a person who is engaged with the sale of the specific service or product at the location. If you’re not planning to or are unable to do so, always let us know. We can do it ourselves, and we call it localisation.

Which languages are our strengths?

Every day, we complete translations of marketing materials between Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian. German and Swedish languages the most. Of course, we can operatively assist you with all the European languages.

We have translated marketing texts from banners to publications and from the forest to the sea.

A verified network of cooperation partners enables us to offer translations in at least all the official languages in the world. Need a marketing text translated into Chinese? We have completed those and are looking forward to your inquiry!

Translating texts is part of the everyday activities for a communications bureau. We often need translations as soon as possible, and Titania is a big help to us here. We are very happy with their work – it is fast, on time and the quality is good. They are a reliable and solid cooperation partner who keeps their word and whom we can always rely on in our work.

Hamburg & Partnerid

Areas we have strong experience in

We have translated marketing texts from road construction to scientific materials and from the forest to the sea

Of texts in the marketing area, we translate various product overviews and websites the most. Sales materials and texts accompanying these form an entirely separate area. These not only have to introduce but also sell or at least actively promote selling.

You can see an overview of our marketing translations in the list below. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for or want to be sure that we can be of assistance to you, don’t hesitate to ask.

  • management systems
  • logistics
  • politics
  • sociology
  • entertainment
  • tourism
  • software
  • computers and accessories
  • office equipment
  • telephone devices
  • banking equipment
  • construction equipment, materials and systems
  • heating equipment and systems
  • ventilation and air conditioning equipment
  • fuels, petroleum products, motor fuel
  • financial and legal services
  • banks and financial services
  • construction vehicles and machines
  • tools
  • pumps
  • forestry equipment
  • hoisting devices
  • sports and recreational goods
  • cosmetics and beauty products
  • household chemicals
  • industrial chemicals
  • construction chemicals
  • surveillance equipment
  • fire safety and rescue equipment
  • ecology and environment
  • culture and education
  • home appliances
  • audio and video equipment
  • metalworking equipment
  • garden equipment
  • road construction equipment
  • woodworking equipment
  • automation equipment
  • refrigeration equipment
  • passenger cars
  • watercrafts
  • motorbikes, snowmobiles, ATV
  • car supplies and spare parts
  • trucks and buses
  • websites
  • health care
  • pharmaceuticals and food supplements
  • agriculture
  • aviation
  • maritime
  • energy
  • leather and footwear industry
  • timber and paper industry
  • printing industry
  • insurance services

Marketing translation and common mistakes

Standard mistakes in marketing translation. What are these and how do we avoid them:

  • The translator or editor is not a native speaker of the target language. This may result in “academic language” that sounds stilted and outdated in everyday interactions. Because the task of a marketing text is to create interest and trust, preferably even to sell, such translation isn’t of much use.
  • Slogans and blocks of text without context – translators and editors have a very hard time understanding single sections or sentences that are originally from a larger promotional text. Without knowing the context, the risk of receiving an unacceptable translation is very high.
  • The source text is very stilted, confusing or has been translated from a third language – if no one pay attention to it during translating and revision, it results in a translation that’s just as stilted and confusing.
  • The translator or editor is not used to use language creatively. A translator specialised on, for example, legal translations doesn’t have to know how to make marketing texts flow in another language. When such a translator is selected, the result can be a very correct transmission of information, but not a marketing text.
  • Translation agency is expected to produce copywriting – if it hasn’t been previously agreed with the translation agency that the client also requires localisation or copywriting, the translation agency will translate the content of the marketing text into another language as smoothly as possible. But if the client rather wants copywriting as a translation of the text, many translation agencies don’t even offer this service – the client would have to contact an advertising agency.

If you wish to know how we can avoid these problems, let us know. We’d be happy to explain!

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