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Technical translation

Technical translation – what is it?

We deem technical translation to be the translations of instruction manuals, installation and maintenance manuals of various machines and equipment, descriptions of production processes, etc. Chemistry translations, a large part of which include safety data sheets, should be considered a separate subtype of technical translation.

Technical translation together with marketing and legal translation constitutes the majority of the everyday work of the translation agency

Technical translation – what should you pay attention to?

We have over 10 years of experience with technical translation

Technical translation requires the translator to be familiar with the area or have a long-term experience with translating the specific area. In case of a very specific text, specialists must often be consulted in order to ensure the quality. A couple of times we have visited the client to familiarise ourselves with the operating principles of a machine.

Titania’s experience with translating technical texts of various areas exceeds further than our own history. In the whole team and cooperation network, we might even have thousands of years of experience and millions of translated pages. This allows us to ensure that we can be useful in very many areas of technical translation.

If you’re looking for a translator for technical texts or a translation of some other material, send us as much information as possible via e-mail or price quote form. We will give you a good price quote within an hour!

Which languages are our strengths?

We complete technical translations between Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian and German languages the most. We feel confident in all the European languages. We have also completed technical translations into exotic languages the most. A verified network of cooperation partners enables us to offer translations in at least all the official languages in the world.

Cooperation with you has always been prompt, pleasant and efficient. Because the majority of our texts are specific to the business sector and many terms are new and infrequently used, we are very satisfied with fluent and logically edited texts.

GE Power Estonia AS

Areas we have strong experience in

We have completed technical translations from nuclear technology to factory processes and from forestry equipment to nuts and bolts catalogues. If you want to be sure that we are familiar with the terminology of your field, don’t hesitate to ask or take a look at our experiences in areas of technical translation here:

  • management systems
  • job descriptions
  • logistics
  • work processes
  • certificates/certification
  • software
  • computer systems
  • computers and accessories
  • office equipment
  • telephone devices
  • communications systems
  • banking equipment
  • construction equipment, work, materials and systems
  • heating equipment and systems
  • ventilation and air conditioning equipment
  • water and sewerage equipment
  • electrical plants and materials
  • commercial and industrial machines and equipment
  • energy
  • timber and paper industry
  • electronics and automation equipment
  • architecture and design work
  • sanitary ware
  • environmental engineering
  • procurement documents
  • garden equipment
  • road construction equipment
  • construction vehicles and machines
  • tools
  • measuring equipment
  • pneumatic and compressed air equipment
  • cleaning and washing agents, equipment
  • garage equipment and systems
  • pumps
  • hydraulic equipment
  • agricultural machines and equipment
  • forestry equipment
  • hoisting devices
  • standards
  • safety equipment
  • surveillance equipment
  • home appliances
  • audio and video equipment
  • industrial supplies
  • metalworking equipment
  • woodworking equipment
  • food industry equipment
  • printing industry equipment
  • textile and clothing industry equipment
  • chemical industry equipment
  • automation equipment
  • electronic components
  • scales
  • refrigeration equipment
  • passenger cars
  • watercrafts
  • motorbikes, snowmobiles, ATV
  • car supplies and spare parts
  • trucks and buses
  • promotional materials
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • military
  • aviation
  • maritime

Technical translation and common mistakes

Translating a technical text can breed more or less the same standard mistakes that can be found in any translation. What are these and how do we avoid them:

  • The translator or editor is not a native speaker of the target language. This may result in “academic language”. Language is organic and is always slightly changing when used, which gives the translation away, because that’s not how locals speak.
  • Terms – terms often have to be specified at the start of the cooperation. Terms may differ in companies operating in the same area, so it would be a good idea to give us any prior translations that we could comply with in terms of terminology. If no reference material is available, we use terms arising from our prior experiences and commonly used terms.
  • The source text is very stilted, confusing or has been translated from a third language – if no one pay attention to it during translating and revision, it results in a translation that’s just as stilted and confusing.
  • The translator or editor does not have any overview of the area being translated – in the worst case, this results in a completely incomprehensible translation, not to mention the incorrect choice of terms.

What to take into consideration upon placing an order

In order for us to give you the best quote, we need to see the material that requires translation. An exception to this are only a few standard documents that usually require notarial certification or translation by a sworn translator.

If possible, provide as much information as possible to accompany the file. But don’t worry – if we require information that you didn’t know to include, we’ll ask for it.

As a rule, we will send you a quote within an hour or let you know what kind of additional information we need and/or when we can send you the quote.

If you accept the quote, we will agree on all the information and workflow in the process of translating, revision and layout design.

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