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Medical translation

Medical translation – what is it?

Medical translations usually include information sheets of pharmaceuticals and instruction manuals of medical equipment sold as consumer goods. The majority of these comprise instruction and marketing materials.

In terms of more specific texts, we have also had experiences with clinical trials. We have also had to do notarised translations of, for example, certificates for sick leave and disease/health files. Translations of medical equipment constitute a whole separate area.

We have completed medical translations from medical equipment to material science and from veterinary medicine to pain treatment

Medical translations – what should you pay attention to?

Our translations with medical education have long-term practical experiences

Medical translations, except for the simplest of these, must always be completed by a person that has studied medicine or a translator who is very familiar with the area. The majority of materials must be translated very accurately. People’s lives are at stake, after all. We know this and pay particular attention to medical translations.

Our medically educated translators have long-term practical experiences and, as such, we are confident in promising a good result in all areas of medicine.

Which languages are our strengths?

Every day, we complete medical translations between Estonian, English, Finnish, German and Russian languages the most.

Depending on the area and the specificity of the material, we can assist you with almost all the European languages. A verified network of cooperation partners enables us to offer translations in at least all the official languages in the world.


Pärnu Haigla has always been very happy with the services offered by Titania Tõlked OÜ. We highly value the speed with which you operate, your professional and friendly attitude, and accuracy. Thank you for interacting and operating so humanely!


Areas we have strong experience in

We have completed medical translations from medical equipment to material science and from veterinary medicine to pain treatment. If you want to be sure that we are experienced in your field, don’t hesitate to ask or take a look at our experiences here:

  • job descriptions
  • internal procedure rules
  • work processes
  • software
  • insurance services
  • law and contracts
  • procurement documents
  • patent law and copyright
  • court documents
  • sports and recreational goods
  • cosmetics and beauty products
  • disease/health files
  • occupational health and safety
  • psychiatry and psychology
  • medical equipment and supplies
  • pharmaceuticals and food supplements
  • veterinary medicine

Standard mistakes in medical translation

What are these and how do we avoid them:

  • The translator or editor is not a native speaker of the target language. Medical texts are so specific that not using someone that isn’t a native speaker is not even an option. In translating medical texts, the terminology requirements applicable in each country must be strictly complied with. Otherwise, the translation result could be unacceptable.
  • The translator or the editor is not familiar with the area – this results in a translation that in the worst case could be completely incomprehensible, not to mention the incorrect use of terms and expressions.

If you wish to know how we can avoid these problems, let us know, we’d be happy to tell you!

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