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Notarial translation

Notarial translation – what is it?

Notarised translations are usually done of various documents. For example of a passport, marriage or school certificate, business documents, etc. The objective for the translations is to submit these in another country as official and valid documents.

In principle, notarised translations can also be done of newspaper articles, handwritten minutes of a meeting, etc. – this is done if an added weight is required for the document.

Sworn translations and notarised translations are a considerable part of our everyday work

Notarised translation – what should you pay attention to?

48 sworn translators and translators with the right of notarial certification

Sworn translations and notarised translations are a considerable part of our everyday work. Our team and cooperation network includes 48 sworn translators and translators with the right of notarial certification who have long-term experiences and have proven to be highly competent over time.

If you know what document you’re dealing with and which country it has been issued in or which country you are planning to use it in, that’s all you need to know.

Our project team knows to ask any additional details necessary for work on the basis thereof and direct you to obtain additional information if necessary.

We’re legendary among our loyal clients, because we are capable of translating documents with a speed they’ve never been able to get from other cooperation partners. Thank you to them for continuously challenging us and trusting us.

What is what in the area of certified translations

Notarial translation – as at the start of this year, only documents translated from a foreign language into Estonian and into a foreign language can be certified by a notary. Translator with an authorisation to sign a translation is accepted by the notary, and the notary will only certify the translator’s signature on the translation.

Sworn translation is essentially a certified translation. Sworn translator certifies the accuracy of the translation and is liable for the quality of the translation. Sworn translator has passed respective national examinations and holds a professional certificate, which gives him/her the right to also certify copies and signatures in addition to certifying a translation.

Apostilling comprises a procedure in the course of which the notary adds a notation certifying internationally renowned authenticity to the document. Apostille certifies the authenticity of a public document. Public document is a document issued by a state authority: for example, B-card, diploma, birth certificate, certificate of the criminal records database, etc. In order to apostille private documents, they first require a notarised translation, followed by apostilling the notarial certificate. A document can only be apostilled in the country it was issued. Documents that you are taking to Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia or Poland do not require an apostille or legalisation.

Legalisation – the idea behind legalisation is the same as apostilling, but the procedure is more time-consuming and is carried out only on documents to be used in certain countries. In order to legalise a document, it must be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that verifies the authenticity of the document and then sends it to the respective authority of the required foreign country, which will then also certify the document with a legalisation notation. Legalised document can only be used in the foreign country whose legalisation notation is provided on the document. Documents to be used in a country that has not joined the Hague Convention are legalised.

You don’t have to try to find out yourself whether the country you are planning to use the document in has joined the Hague Convention. We will do the apostilling and legalisation for you!


Ühinenud Depood AS had an increased need for translation services, which is why we started to look for a translation agency that would offer us the best price and quality ratio.

Services offered by Titania Tõlked OÜ have made our job easier by offering us affordable and effective solutions that greatly save resources for our company.

Ühinenud Depood AS

Areas we have strong experience in

We have completed notarised and sworn translations in very different areas from accounting to the maintenance of railway carriages and from court documents to real estate. If you want to be sure that we are experienced in your field, don’t hesitate to ask or take a look at our experiences here:

  • management systems
  • logistics
  • certificates/certification
  • tourism
  • software
  • energy
  • architecture and design work
  • financial and legal services
  • annual reports
  • taxes
  • accounting services and documents
  • banks and financial services
  • insurance services
  • law and contracts
  • procurement documents
  • court documents
  • standards
  • occupational health and safety
  • culture and education
  • state and society
  • disease/health files

With sworn translations we can assist you in:

  • English-Estonian-English
  • Russian-Estonian-Russian
  • Finnish-Estonian-Finnish
  • German-Estonian-German
  • Swedish-Estonian-Swedish
  • Norwegian-Estonian-Norwegian
  • French-Estonian-French
  • Italian-Estonian-Italian
  • Latvian-Estonian-Latvian
  • Lithuanian-Estonian-Lithuanian
  • Estonian-Spanish

We can offer notarial translations into Estonian and from a foreign language into a foreign language in the following language pairs:

  • English-Estonian
  • Russian-Estonian
  • German-Estonian
  • Finnish-Estonian
  • French-Estonian
  • Italian-Estonian
  • Spanish-Estonian
  • Latvian-Estonian
  • Lithuanian-Estonian
  • Ukrainian-Estonian
  • Dutch-Estonian
  • Norwegian-Estonian
  • Swedish-Estonian
  • Polish-Estonian
  • English-Russian-English
  • Finnish-Russian-Finnish
  • German-Russian-German
  • Finnish-English-Finnish
  • German-English-German
  • French-English-French
  • Spanish-English-Spanish
  • Italian-English-Italian
  • English-Latvian
  • Russian-Latvian
  • English-Lithuanian
  • Russian-Lithuanian
  • English-Norwegian
  • English-Swedish
  • English-Polish
  • Ukrainian-Russian-Ukrainian
  • English-Dutch

What to take into consideration upon placing an order

In order for us to give you the best quote, we need to see the material that requires translation. We can give you the price of translating some short standard documents, for example a passport or a birth certificate, without seeing the actual document. To give you the best price quote for larger and other documents, however, we do need to see the material to be translated.

If possible, provide as much information as possible to accompany the file. But don’t worry – if we require information that you didn’t know to include, we’ll ask for it. As a rule, we will send you a quote within an hour or let you know what kind of additional information we need and/or when we can send you the quote. If you accept the quote, we will agree on all the information and workflow in the process of translating, revision and layout design.


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