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Translation of economic texts

Translation of economic texts – what is it?

Annual reports, accounting documents, statements, certificates of the Tax Board and the bank, ISO certificates – everything connected to process management or accounting and bank transactions. All these and other materials are familiar to us.

We have completed translations of economic texts from real estate to training programmes and from production to pipelines

Translation of economic texts – what should you pay attention to?

We have over 10 years of experience with translations of economic texts

Translating economic texts presumes that the translator is experienced. In case of translating accounting and banking texts, it also presumes that the translator knows the area. Luckily, economic terms have established international matches that make translating easier. Or make it more complicated if the terms are unfamiliar.

It is also important to know that the same terms could be used with a completely different meaning in different cultural spaces of the same language. In economic texts, we are primarily affected by the differences between British and American English. But this also holds true for many other translation areas.

If it’s standard documents that require translation, it’s always a good idea to inform the translation agency if similar translations have already been previously completed. If you could send these together with your text, we could use these already approved terms in the translation, and in certain cases, this also allows us to offer discounts.

Which languages are our strengths?

Every day, we complete translations of economic texts, which can sometimes even fall under legal or technical texts due to their content, between Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian, German, Latvia and Swedish languages the most.

As in all translation areas, we can assist you with all the European languages when it comes to translating economic texts. A verified network of cooperation partners enables us to offer translations in at least all the official languages in the world.

Need your annual report to be translated into Arabic? We have completed those and are looking forward to your inquiry!

Quick and proper work! Inquiries are responded to within an adequate time and deadlines are kept to. We are happy!

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Areas we have strong experience in

Translations of economic texts are our everyday work.

Seasonally more frequent orders from accounting firms and frequent orders from our stock company clients keep us constantly busy. We ensure the confidentiality requirements of economic texts, and we have earned the trust of our stock company clients for our always quick solutions. As such, we can be useful to you in all areas of translating economic texts.

However, high quality and quick translation is important. If you want to be sure that we are experienced in your field, don’t hesitate to ask or take a look at our experiences with translating economic texts here:

  • EU materials
  • management systems
  • organisational culture
  • logistics
  • energy
  • work processes
  • financial and legal services
  • annual reports
  • taxes
  • accounting services and documents
  • banks and financial services
  • insurance services
  • law and contracts
  • procurement documents
  • court documents
  • agriculture
  • forest industry
  • chemical industry
  • timber and paper industry
  • standards
  • culture and education
  • commerce
  • metal industry
  • timber industry
  • food industry
  • printing industry
  • textile and clothing industry
  • electronics industry
  • automotive industry
  • state and society
  • training materials
  • websites
  • promotional materials
  • aviation
  • maritime

What to take into consideration upon placing an order

In order for us to give you the best quote, we need to see the material that requires translation. An exception to this are only a few standard documents that usually require notarial certification or translation by a sworn translator. If possible, provide as much information as possible to accompany the file.

But don’t worry – if we require information that you didn’t know to include, we’ll ask for it. As a rule, we will send you a quote within an hour or let you know what kind of additional information we need and/or when we can send you the quote. If you accept the quote, we will agree on all the information and workflow in the process of translating, revision and layout design.

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