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Written translation services

Every day, we complete written translations between Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian, German, Latvian, Swedish and French languages the most. Of course, we can operatively assist you with all the European languages. A verified network of cooperation partners enables us to offer translations in at least all the official languages in the world. Require a translation into Nepalese? We have completed those and are looking forward to your inquiry!

We have completed written translations from marketing texts to scientific materials and from forestry equipment to maritime law. Overall, the areas we translate could be divided as such: technology, marketing, law, economy, medicine, notarial documents and sworn translations. If you want to be sure that we have completed something in your field, don’t hesitate to ask or take a look at this list that specifies our experiences with legal translations by respective fields:

Technical translation

Technical translation includes the translations of instruction manuals, installation and maintenance manuals of various machines and equipment, descriptions of production processes, etc. As a separate section, this area could also include chemistry translations, the majority of which are safety data sheets. Technical translation together with legal translation constitutes the majority of the material translated at the translation agency.

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Legal translation

For a translation agency, legal translations also include translating various laws and legislations in addition to documents and contracts. Translations of the European Union organisations can also be considered to be a slightly different area of legal translations. Notarial translations, while being legal, are so specific, however, that we address these as a separate topic.

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Translation of marketing texts

Translations of marketing texts are common for the translation agency. These could include various advertising brochures, training materials or website translations. Orders for translating the client’s website directly on the website are becoming increasingly frequent. Marketing translations could generally be divided into two: informative materials and materials aimed at sales.

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Translation of economic texts

Translations of economic texts are part of our everyday activity. We are aware of the confidentiality requirements accompanying economic texts, and we have earned the trust of our stock company clients thanks to our consistently quick solutions.

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Medical translation

Medical translations usually include information sheets of pharmaceuticals and instruction manuals of medical equipment sold as consumer goods. User and marketing manuals of pharmaceuticals, food supplements and natural products constitute our everyday translation material. We also translate medical technology texts.

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Notarial translation

Notarial translation or notarised translations are generally a special form of legal translation where the translation of either a public or private law document, contract, articles of association or less frequently some financial document requires certification by a notary. This requirement may arise due to commences studies, taking up a job or going to live abroad or establishing business relations with a foreign partner.

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