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Depending on the purpose, we use a whole lineup of different types of revision that also have different names.

Linguistic revision or proof-reading is reading through the text with the objective of ensuring that the translation matches the source text, linguistic accuracy and substantive clarity. The editor’s mother tongue is the target language of the translation and the editor also speaks the source language.

Terminological revision is reading through the text with the objective of ensuring the coherence of terms and relevant use thereof in the translation. As a rule, the editor is a specialist experienced in the respective area or a specialist that has studied the area. Less frequently, revision is also carried out by a philologist with long-term experience in the area.

Technical (also substantive) editing is checking that the translation matches the source text with the objective of ensuring the correct and logical conveying of the idea of the source text and the coherence and relevant use of terms. The editor must be proficient in both the target and source language and be a philologists with professional translating experience or a specialist with translating experience that operates in or has studied the respective area.

Localisation has lately been used as a term that characterises the activity where software products are adapted to suit the culture and language environment while taking the technical options of the respective software into account. Localisation can actually be deemed to be any editing of a text where translation must be significantly changed, amended or adapted in comparison to the source text according to the language and cultural environment of the end user in order to ensure the unambiguity and comprehensibility of the final text.

If you require specific preceding or text-driven activities of improving the text, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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