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Useful information

Hidden knowledge of the butcher

The thoroughness of specialty dictionaries can at times be surprising. For example, I recently found myself reading a dictionary on…

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Terminal switch – good old forgotten ‘katsa’

In working with professional terminology, we sometimes stumble upon forgotten terms. It can’t be helped – technology is constantly advancing…

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If you need to mime to make things clear

Estonian linguists have thought of very rare language books. What should you do if someone runs their finger across their…

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How quickly does a translation agency complete a translation?

Translators are people, too . And people have limits. So it’s not reasonable to demand a translation agency or translators…

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Should I write this as one or two words?

You can ask these questions from a translation agency, but it would be better to direct your question to someone…

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I need a 15-page contract translated into English by tonight. Can this be done and how much would it cost?

First send us the contract as quickly as possible. Fifteen pages doesn’t always mean fifteen pages of translation volume. If…

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How much does a translation cost?

The price of a translation is calculated on the basis of translation volume. In Estonia, we generally use the price…

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The text translated by a translation agency turned out to be much longer and cannot fit in the layout anymore. What should I do? Liivo

Our mistake, Liivo. Well, at least a little . We usually ask what the translation is used for and give…

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A few examples of how much text up for translation can fit on one A4 page

The definition of a (translation) page sometimes raises questions. We are all used to consider a page to be a…

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How does a translation agency calculate more than six pages of translation when my material is just three pages?

Valid question, Tarmo. We will soon include a video in the blog that explains how to estimate text volume (in…

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Price formation of a translation

The price of a translation usually starts at 12.5 euros per page. The price of translating more complicated or uncommon…

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