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I need a 15-page contract translated into English by tonight. Can this be done and how much would it cost?

First send us the contract as quickly as possible. Fifteen pages doesn’t always mean fifteen pages of translation volume. If the actual translation volume is smaller, it makes everything simpler. We also have to take the price into account. Because the usual translation speed is five translation pages per day, such speed will come with a higher price – usually up to 30%. But if you need it, then you need it. The most important thing is to know what the translation is used for. If the document has to be translated only for understanding (or used subsequently just for discussion purposes), translating with such a speed could be an option. But if the contract has to be ready for signing the next day, we wouldn’t recommend doing so. Why? Do you know what happens when you hire someone in hurry? Or complete building something while rushing? Or speed excessively in traffic? In this sense, translating isn’t an exception. All in all: there is time to translate, but special circumstances have to be accounted for. Actually, the maximum recommended speed for translating such important documents is up to 10 pages a day. And sometimes it would be very helpful to submit the translation in the morning. That way there’s a whole extra night :) .

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